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                                                 THE DYNAMICS OF VICTORIAN TREND SPREADING                                                        IN THE RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH IN THE LATE 1920S  


Polyakov Aleksey Gennadyevich, Candidate of historical sciences, associate professor, sub-department of humanitarian and social disciplines, Moscow State Industrial University (affiliated branch in Kirov), 

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The article is dedicated to Victorian trend in Russian Orthodox Church. The trend «Victorian» was named after its leader, the Bishop Victor (Ostrovidov). The emergence of such trend was caused by the disapproval of the official churchpolitical course loyal to the Soviet state. The trend was forming in 1927 – 1928 as a movement of legal parish communities which had the traditional religious culture with the official Church. 

Key words

Bishop Victor (Ostrovidov), «Victorianism», social and demographic structure, the origin of «Victorianism» and its dissemination. 

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